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Welcome to the Patreon channel. Over the last 15 years many similarly situated Americans, tired of being abused by the so-called “legal system” have spent our waking hours investigating why “governments” worldwide, including "The United States of America" (per Articles of Confederation, Section One), have become so adversarial to people exercising their natural and unalienable Rights to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. We long ago came to understand why, how and when our nation and people were betrayed and enslaved by members of a foreign Luciferian cult of international bankers and “black nobility”, which have enslaved humanity and took control of America through fake private, for-profit, municipal governments, a fake “legal system” (see: definition of lawfare), a fake “banking system” (see: article on DebtSlavery), fake “public education system” (see: Eighth Grade Final Exam from Salina, Kansas, A. D. 1895), fake “medicine” (, fake news, etc.
Not willing to sit quietly and watch our Republican Form of Government be dismantled and destroyed by an alliance of “liberal” socialists and communists, who have infiltrated all levels of federal, state, county and city government, we decided to do something about it and to defend against unlawful overreach by government agents by relying on the four pillars of organic Law (i.e. Declaration of Independence, Articles of Confederation, Northwest Ordinances and the Constitution for the United States of America, as amended on March 12, A. D. 1819), which are the Foundation of our Nation. By becoming a Member of this Patreon community you will gain access to our legal defenses to counter the attacks of the current private, for-profit, legal system run by the live agents of the BAR and to co-fund our ongoing efforts to awaken and educate the American people. We will continue to develop and release legal caltrops* so that people everywhere can defend against attacks by the fake “legal system” and at the same time help take back our country and governments worldwide from the live, fifth column BAR (CROWN ) foot soldiers, acting for and on behalf of the so-called “global elite”. By joining you will have access to legal caltrops that are designed to help people defend against typical legal assaults from citations, abuse of power, and infringement of natural and unalienable rights under color of law. The legal caltrop templates that we will release are designed to help people cheaply and effectively defend against typical lawfare** assaults (Mixed War) by BAR attorneys and so-called agents of de facto government (federal, state, county and city), including but not limited to traffic and code enforcement citations, red light photo tickets, toll evasion notices, so-called COVID 19 face mask or “social distancing” fines or penalties, “FAMILY COURT” abuse of power, etc.

Please take Notice: The information found herein and on our sister sites is provided for entertainment and education purposes only, which is protected by the "Bill of Rights" (Amendments One through Ten) to the organic Constitution for "The United States of America", as amended on March 12, A. D. 1819. Nothing herein is intended to bully or harass anyone or to incite violence; quite the opposite is true, this channel teaches people how to peacefully resolve disputes based on enforcing and defending all our natural and unalienable Rights against federal, state, county and city government overreach, as the Founding Fathers of our Nation intended.

Mixed War occurs whenever the government of a nation is an enemy of, and at war against, its own People. The most insidious and perfidious type of mixed war exists when the agents of government act against the People under guise of protecting the People’s rights and upholding the nation’s most cherished values and ideals. In such case, the so-called government officials are “wolves in sheep’s clothing,” occupying positions of prestige and power, with the support of the People, while treasonously betraying that trust.

Lawfare is a form of Mixed War consisting of the use of the legal (i.e., court) system by live agents of the BAR against private Americans, such as by damaging or delegitimizing them, tying up their time and resources, seizing their children, homes, businesses, private property and/or imprisoning them, under color of law; and, includes enforcing mandatory vaccinations or forced use of medical procedures under color of law. The term is a portmanteau of the words law and warfare.

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