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INFOWARS CALLER - The Warning, Antichrist, WWIII, the Plagues
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Rick Langley
Published 3 months ago |
Joseph from Ireland calls into the show, again today to connect the dots between what is currently going on in the world and connecting it to prophesied Biblical events, past, present and future. The Warning, WWIII, the Antichrist, Tribulation with the famine then the plagues. Excellent call, equating Moloch with Planned Parenthood.
Crusade of Prayer (30) Prayer to avert war, famine and religious persecution

Prayer to Me, your Father, must now be included in your daily prayers
Crusade Prayer (30) “O my Eternal Father, God the Creator of the Universe, in the Name of Your precious Son, I beg You to make us love You more.

Help us to be brave, fearless and strong in the face of adversity. Accept our sacrifices, sufferings and trials, as a gift before Your Throne, to save Your children on earth.

Soften the hearts of unclean souls. Open their eyes to the Truth of Your Love, so that they can join with all of Your children in the Paradise on earth You have lovingly created for us, according to Your Divine Will. Amen.”

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